Matrix Biolage Repairinside Conditioner

RepairInside Repairing Conditioner

Is your hair currently looking dull, dry and frizzy? These could be signs of severely damaged hair. It’s time to change that and bring the gloss and shine back to your hair with the Matrix Conditioner for severely damaged hair. It is a protein treatment that helps repair the damaged hair protein.


•  The Matrix RepairInside Conditioner imparts rich conditioning and helps restore suppleness, shine and the movement of your hair. 

•  This protein hair conditioner helps repair severely damaged hair with 360 ° action. 

•  The Biolage conditioner is suitable for colour treated hair and formulated with a paraben free formula that nourishes and repairs hair making it one of the best conditioners for damaged hair.

How To Use

•  Step 1 – After shampoo, squeeze out excess water from your hair

•  Step 2 – Squeeze a small amount of the Biolage RepairInside Repairing Conditioner into your palms and gently massage into your hair from mid-lengths to the ends 

•  Step 3 – Leave the protein hair conditioner on for one to three minutes and rinse well 

•  Expert Tip – Leave the conditioner for repairing on for an extra five minutes and rinse with cold water to seal the conditioner in 

For a complete hair breakage and hair loss treatment, use the conditioner along with the range of RepairInside Shampoo, Masque, and Leave In Cream. These products for repairing your hair will cleanse, hydrate, nourish, and strengthen your hair and prevent further damage.


•  This protein conditioner is formulated with Arginine & Soya oil. 

•  This hair restore conditioner is enriched with soya for hair that helps your hair in retaining its moisture. 

•  Arginine for hair strengthens hair, minimizes hair loss and moisturizes it.

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