Matrix Biolage Repairinside Shampoo

Matrix Repairinside Shampoo

Dry, frizzy and rough hair often leads to you having a bad hair day, but not anymore. With a shampoo for damaged hair, you can repair the damage. The Matrix Biolage RepairInside Shampoo is a protein shampoo that repairs hair damage and brings the gloss and shine back to it.


•  The Matrix RepairInside Shampoo gently cleanses damaged hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

•  The Matrix Biolage RepairInside shampoo helps repair and nourish hair. It also helps repair the damaged protein from inside and restore the hair cuticle from outside.

•  This shampoo helps revive your hair and acts as a protein treatment for damaged hair.

•  The Biolage RepairInside Shampoo is suitable for colour treated hair and formulated with a paraben free formula that nourishes and repairs hair making it one of the best hair treatments for damaged hair.

How To Use

•  Step 1 – Wet hair thoroughly

•  Step 2 – Apply the Biolage RepairInside Shampoo to wet hair and lather with a gentle massaging motion. This shampoo will nourish your hair with protein for damaged hair

•  Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly with water

•  Step 4 – Let your hair air-dry or you can blow dry for a perfect smooth finish

•  Expert Tip – While shampooing your hair, use the tips of all fingers to gently emulsify the Matrix Biolage repairinside shampoo on your scalp. Lather the shampoo through mid-lengths for a minute to get strong, resilient, and healthy looking hair.

For a complete hair breakage and hair loss treatment, use the Matrix shampoo along with the range of RepairInside Conditioner, Masque, and Leave-In Cream. These products for repairing damaged hair will cleanse, hydrate, nourish, and strengthen your hair and prevent further damage.


•  The Matrix RepairInside Shampoo is formulated with Arginine and Soya oil.

•  Arginine for hair helps strengthen hair and adds moisture back into your hair. It also minimizes hair fall.

•  Soya for hair nourishes it and helps it retain moisture. Another soya bean benefit for hair is that it smoothens the cuticle to give it a softer and shinier appearance.

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