Matrix Biolage Scalppure Serum

Scalppure Complete Solution Scalp Serum

Is your hair looking frizzy, dull and dry? Revive your hair with the Matrix hair serum and make your hair soft and manageable. The Matrix Biolage Scalppure Serum is a one of a kind serum that helps you with dandruff control. It also helps you control your flyaways and makes your hair manageable and smooth.


•  The Matrix Biolage Serum smoothens the ends of your hair and also helps make your hair manageable.

•  The Biolage Serum is Matrix’s 1st multi correcting scalp leave in serum that helps reduce excess sebum and acts as an anti dandruff treatment.

•  It also instantly soothes and hydrates the scalp.

How To Use

•  Step 1 – Cleanse and condition your hair with the Biolage Scalppure shampoo and conditioner

•  Step 2 – Take a few drops of the Matrix Biolage Serum into your palms and rub your palms together gently to warm up the product and spread it evenly

•  Step 3 – Apply the serum from the mid-lengths to the tips of your hair

•  Step 4 – Style your hair as desired

For a complete frizzy hair solution, use the Matrix Biolage Scalppure Serum after the Biolage Scalppure shampoo, conditioner, and scrub. These products for frizzy hair will cleanse, moisturize, and smoothen your hair fibres.


The Matrix Biolage Serum is enriched with the perfect amalgamation of nature and molecular science. It has the goodness of bergamot, a citric fruit that naturally soothes irritation and helps regulate sebum production. Zinc Pyrithione is a powerful anti-dandruff and anti-bacterial agent that helps the scalp normalize skin cell production. Both these ingredients together cleanse, purify and soothe your scalp and help you with dandruff control for up to 72 hours.

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