Amplifier treatment helps prevent breakage during coloration, lightening or texture services.
Key Ingredients
Mix your lightener or color, with developer, as usual, before adding Step 1.

LIGHTENER: Add 4mL of STEP 1 for every 15-30 grams of powder or 8 mL of BOND ULTIM8 STEP 1 for every 30-60 grams of powder used in mixture.

COLOR: Add 4mL of STEP 1 for every 60 grams of colorant used in mixture. Apply lightener or color as usual. Rinse color from hair – do not shampoo. Dry thoroughly with a towel. Follow with STEP 2. Store upright. Rinse Measuring Cup after each use.

TEXTURE: After rinsing off Straightening Cream, dilute 15ml of STEP 1 with 45ml of water and apply. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off completely. Blow dry and flat iron. After rinsing off Neutralizer, follow with STEP 2.

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