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While the levels of damage in your locks can vary, it is important to start using treatments for damaged hair early on to prevent the damage from getting worse. The hair damage can be caused by a lot of different factors such as chemical treatments like hair colouring, heat tools like hair straighteners or curlers and blow driers, environmental aggressors like overexposure to the sun or salty sea water, or poor hygiene habits like over washing your hair or overzealous brushing.
Regardless of the cause of damage, the Matrix Biolage Advanced RepairInside range of shampoo, conditioner, hair masque, and leave in cream provide a 3600 action that repairs damaged hair from inside and outside and restores your hair to its former glory. The advanced formula is enriched with Arginine and Soya Oil to cleanse, nourish, and moisturize your hair - making it one of the best hair treatments for severely damaged hair.


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Matrix Repairinside Shampoo

A shampoo that gently cleanses & repairs damaged hair from inside and outside.

RepairInside Repairing Conditioner

A conditioner with a rich formula that guarantees deep repair of damaged hair.

RepairInside Repairing Masque

Formulated to protect your hair from heat without compromising on smoothness.

RepairInside Repairing Leave-In Cream

Formulated to protect your hair from heat without compromising on smoothness.


Specialist care formulated to take care of your hair post in-salon technical services.

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Opti Repair Professional Porosity Spray

Opti Repair porosity spray conditions over-porous hair, smooths cuticle & frizz.

Opti Repair Professional Shampoo

Opti Repair shampoo reduces breakage & frizz in dry, brittle, and damaged hair.

Opti Repair Professional Conditioner

Opti Repair conditioner prevents future damage & repairs hair from chemical damage.

Opti Repair Professional Masque

Opti Repair masque infused with liquid proteins, repairs dry, brittle, damaged hair.

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