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Matrix Oxydant

Hair color developers that help achieve the amount of lift or deposit required.

Give your hair the various levels of lift or deposit you require with Matrix Oxydant hair color developers. The Matrix cream oxidant is available in three different strengths for different purposes of lightening and deposition. Matrix developer is a quality peroxide that is optimized to get the best out of Matrix SoColor, WonderBrown, Wonder Color, WonderRed, and SoRed.


•  This hair developer activates color Precursors as well as lightens the natural color pigments of the hair.

•  Available in three different strengths of 20 vol (6%),30 vol (9%) and 40 vol (12%) for different levels of lift.

   o The Matrix 20 volume developer (6%) is used to lighten 1-2 levels, coloring level on level, darkening hair, and covering grey hair.

   o The 30 volume developer (9%) is used to lighten 2-3 Levels.

   o The 40 volume developer (12%) is used for lightening 3-4 Levels.


•  Choose the volume of the developer according to your desire. This will determine how light or dark your hair color will appear.

•  Mix with SoColor in 1.5 ratio and with WonderColor in 1:1 ratio.

•  Avoid contact with eyes and rinse immediately if product comes in contact with them.

•  Keep the creme developer upright and store away from heat and light.


One of the most active ingredients in the Matrix hair developer is the hydrogen peroxide, which helps to open your hair cuticles. Hydrogen peroxide works in the innermost part of the hair to gives hair its color. Hydrogen peroxide gives your hair a permanent color which does not fade and will only go away as new hair grows from the roots.