Hair Color Lightener

Looking for a hair color lightener for your next hair transformation? Try the Matrix hair lightener - your ultimate solution for achieving stunning highlights, transforming previous artificial hair color, or lightening your hair for a new hair color. Specifically designed to remove both natural and artificial hair colors, this product is a total game-changer. The Matrix hair color is meticulously formulated to deliver impressive results. Whether you're seeking to create highlights, go blonde, or modify the depth and tone of your existing artificial hair color, this product is your go-to choice.

A Professional-Grade Formula That Ensures Vibrant, Even Results Every Time

Say goodbye to dull or undesired hair color as the Matrix Lightmaster is expertly formulated to remove both natural and artificial pigments. It is highly effective in erasing unwanted tones and providing a clean canvas for your desired hair color transformation. The permanent and long-lasting results ensure that your new look will remain vibrant and captivating for an extended period. Embrace a striking hair color transformation without worrying about uneven or patchy results. This hair color lightener lightens your hair by up to 7-8 levels. It is ideal for highlights as well as free hand coloring techniques to lighten your hair. So, gear up to elevate your style and create head-turning looks with the help of Matrix hair lightener.

What is a hair color lightener?

A hair color lightener is a product specifically designed to lighten the natural or artificial color of your hair. It is commonly used to create highlights, achieve all-over blonde shades, or lighten previously applied artificial hair color. Typically, a hair color lightener comes in the form of a powdered substance.

The powdered lightener contains ingredients that help break down the natural pigment or artificial color molecules in the hair. It works by lifting the existing color, allowing for a lighter shade to be achieved. The lightening process involves mixing the powdered lightener with a hair color developer or activator to create a smooth paste, which is then applied to the hair.

Once applied, the hair color lightener starts working by breaking down the color molecules and lightening the hair. The processing time may vary depending on the desired level of lightness and the starting color of the hair. During this time, it is important to monitor the hair closely to ensure the desired results are achieved without causing damage.

The Matrix hair lightener is a high-speed hair lightener that has a maximum lift of up to 7-8 levels. It gives a perfectly balanced lightening and avoids warm yellow undertones. It is enriched with light boosting actives that help in lightening hair by oxidising the color

How to use a hair color lightener?

Step 1: Mix the hair color lightener with a developer. It can be mixed with a developer of any strength depending on the desired results.

Step 2: Apply the mixture directly on the hair either in highlights or a specific part of the hair that you want to shade light.

Step 3: Rinse it off after a said period specified on the packaging of the product. You can let the hair dry and use a hair color product directly on the lightened hair.

Pro tip: It is recommended to maintain an interval of at least four to six weeks before applying a hair color lightener to prevent your hair from damage.  

Now that you know everything about a hair color lightener, get yourself the Matrix hair lightener to lighten your hair before your hair transformation. Browse through a wide range of colors like Wonder Color and Socolor to choose the right shade to pair with the hair color lightener.