Opti - Hair Texture Products

Irrespective of your hair type, it’s essential to choose appropriate hair care products and styling techniques that can help enhance and manage your hair’s unique characteristics. Try the Matrix Opti Texture products - your one-stop solution to expertly shape, smoothen and style wavy, straight, curly, natural, or textured hair.

One-Stop Solution To Manage Your Hair Needs

Hair texture refers to the natural physical characteristics of an individual's hair strands. It is primarily determined by the shape and structure of the hair follicle. There are generally three main hair textures: straight, wavy, and curly.

Straight hair is characterised by its smooth and sleek appearance. It tends to be shiny, oily, and flat. It is often considered low maintenance and is relatively easy to style. Wavy hair falls between straight and curly. It may be prone to frizz, especially in humid conditions, but can be styled with a variety of techniques. Curly hair forms spirals or coils and is known for its natural bounce and texture. Curly hair is typically dry due to the hair's natural oils struggling to travel down the curved strands. Hence, this hair type requires extra care and hydration to maintain its shape and prevent frizz. Curly hair offers versatile styling options, from enhancing natural curls to creating defined ringlets.

It’s time to say hello to nourished and healthy hair with Matrix Opti Texture range that helps protect, fortify, and condition natural or chemically-treated hair. Use the Matrix hair texture products to smoothen, straighten, or sculpt your hair without any dryness or breakage. The Matrix Opti range includes Opti Straight and Opti Sculpt products.

The Matrix Opti Straight is a gentle yet effective straightening crème that helps to reveal straight, soft, and manageable hair on the go. It is the first-ever anti-breakage straightening system by Matrix. This crème not only provides perfectly straight hair but also conditions the hair, giving it a healthy and naturally shiny look. This in-salon permanent straightening product ensures that your hair doesn’t go through any over-processing. It is made with a strong bridal fragrance that helps neutralise the ammonia odour to give a pleasant floral experience. The Matrix Opti Sculpt is a permanent hair smoothening formula for extra smooth, sleek, and shiny hair. It is a long-lasting product that gives a naturally shaped look on the go. This crème is made of a breakthrough low-odour formula, that provides your hair with extra shine and movement.

Primary Ingredients in Matrix Opti Texture products

Thio.Ceramides + Shea Butter – Ceramides nourish and protect your hair from dryness and breakage. Shea butter locks moisture into your hair, protects from external aggressors and prevents frizziness.

Elastin and collagen – These ingredients help soften the hair and create a malleable foundation while promoting hair growth. They add strength to the hair follicles and ensure that your hair feels hydrated and healthy at all times.

So, mould your hair in your desired shape – curl or straighten your tresses with the Matrix Opti texture products today! Trusted and recommended by hair care professionals around the world, the Matrix hair-strengthening products will help to flaunt the hair of your dreams effortlessly!