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Matrix Professional is your one-stop destination for a range of professional hair care, styling, and hair colouring products. We offer a diverse selection of product lines designed to cater to every hair type and styling needs. Discover the perfect Matrix hair products to unleash your hair's full potential.

Get The Hair of Your Dreams With Matrix

Whether you're looking to revitalise your hair, achieve a specific style, or add a vibrant splash of color, Matrix hair products have you covered. In our hair care range, we offer exceptional products such as Opti.Care, Opti.Long, and Opti.Repair. These Matrix hair products are formulated to address specific concerns, whether it's nourishing and maintaining healthy hair, giving you long-lasting length, or repairing and rejuvenating damaged hair.


When it comes to styling your hair, the Matrix hair product range includes the versatile Perfect, Play and Prep ranges, which allow you to create unique and dynamic looks. For those seeking a change in hair color, Matrix offers a stunning selection of options in the form of SoColor and Wonder Color ranges that pack some of the best shades to express your individual style. Additionally, you can achieve the most captivating and vibrant results with our LightMaster range, designed to lighten and lift your hair to your desired level. And for professional hair colourists, our Developers provide the tools needed to achieve precise and consistent results, ensuring your clients leave the salon with their dream hair color. The Matrix hair products also include hair treatments that such as the Opti.Sculpt and Opti.Straight ranges to cater to every hair type and texture needs.


Matrix Products For You To Choose From

Opti.Care – Smooth Straight Shampoo

Opti.Care Smooth Straight Shampoo is a professional-grade formula designed to cleanse and maintain straightened or chemically treated hair. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it helps to strengthen and moisturise hair while keeping it sleek and manageable. Ideal for those seeking to maintain frizzy hair as it helps to enhance shine and vitality.


Opti.Care – Smooth Straight Conditioner

Opti.Care Smooth Straight Conditioner complements straightened or chemically treated hair, delivering essential hydration and nourishment. Its advanced formula helps to detangle and soften hair while enhancing smoothness and shine. Perfect for maintaining straight styles, it fortifies hair strands and protects against environmental damage, leaving hair irresistibly silky and manageable.


Opti.Care – Smooth Straight Serum

Opti.Care Smooth Straight Serum is a luxurious treatment crafted for straightened or chemically treated hair. Formulated with advanced smoothing agents, it effectively controls frizz and flyaways, imparting a sleek and polished finish. This lightweight serum adds shine, improves manageability, and protects hair from heat styling damage, ensuring long-lasting smoothness and vitality.


Opti.Care – Smooth Straight Masque

Opti.Care Smooth Straight Masque is a rejuvenating treatment designed for straightened, dry and chemically treated hair. Enriched with nourishing ingredients, it deeply conditions and repairs damaged strands, restoring strength and vitality. This intensive masque smoothens frizz, enhances shine, and maintains straight styles, leaving hair soft, silky, and beautifully rejuvenated.


Opti.Care – Smooth Straight Booster Dose

Opti.Care Smooth Straight Booster Dose is a potent treatment formulated to enhance the effects of straightening treatments on hair. Infused with specialised ingredients, it boosts the longevity of straight styles, prolongs smoothness, and fortifies strands against humidity and environmental stressors. This concentrated booster ensures lasting sleekness and manageability for beautifully transformed hair.


Opti.Repair – Damage Repair Liquid Protein Conditioner

Damage Repair Liquid Protein Conditioner is a powerhouse formula made to revive and fortify damaged hair. Enriched with liquid protein, it penetrates deeply to strengthen, and repair weakened hair, restoring resilience and shine. This intensive conditioner hydrates and protects, leaving hair revitalised, silky-smooth, and more resistant to future damage.


Opti.Repair – Damage Repair Liquid Protein Shampoo

Damage Repair Liquid Protein Shampoo is a rejuvenating solution crafted to restore and strengthen damaged hair. Infused with liquid protein, it deeply cleanses while fortifying strands from within, reducing breakage and promoting resilience. This advanced formula revitalises hair, leaving it feeling refreshed, healthier, and more manageable with every wash.


Opti.Repair – Damage Repair Liquid Protein Porosity Spray

Damage Repair Liquid Protein Porosity Spray is a targeted solution for porous hair, prone to damage. Formulated with liquid protein, it penetrates deeply to fortify and repair weak spots, restoring balance and resilience. Regular use of this spray enhances manageability, reduces frizz, and leaves hair feeling stronger, smoother, and more vibrant.


Opti.Repair – Damage Repair Liquid Protein Masque

Damage Repair Liquid Protein Masque is a potent treatment designed to revitalise and repair damaged hair. Enriched with liquid protein, it deeply nourishes and strengthens strands, restoring elasticity and resilience. This protein masque replenishes moisture, reduces breakage, and leaves hair visibly smoother, shinier, and more rejuvenated with each use.


Opti.Long – Long Nourish Protect Shampoo

Opti.Long Nourish Protect Shampoo is a specialised formula crafted to nourish and safeguard long hair. It gently cleanses while fortifying strands against breakage and split ends. This nourishing shampoo promotes healthy growth, enhances shine, and leaves hair feeling soft, manageable, and beautifully protected for longer lengths.


Opti.Long – Long Nourish Protect Conditioner

Opti.Long Nourish Protect Conditioner is a nurturing blend tailored for long hair. Infused with protective agents, it hydrates deeply to strengthen and shield strands against breakage and damage. This conditioner enhances manageability, adds shine, and leaves hair feeling silky-smooth and resilient.


Opti.Long – Long Nourish Protect Masque

Opti.Long Nourish Protect Masque is a luxurious treatment formulated to nourish and fortify long hair. The presence of protective ingredients helps to deeply condition and strengthen strands, reducing breakage and split ends. This intensive masque promotes healthy growth and leaves hair feeling soft, smooth, and beautifully protected.


• SoColor

SoColor is a versatile Matrix product that offers an extensive palette of shades to help you achieve your desired look. Whether you want a natural, subtle change or a bold, vibrant transformation, Matrix SoColor has the perfect shade for you.


• Wonder Color

Matrix Wonder Color is made using a ground-breaking ammonia-free hair colour technology, designed to deliver vibrant, multi-dimensional colour with exceptional durability. One of the standout features of this Matrix hair product is its ammonia-free formula, which ensures a gentler and more comfortable colouring experience for your hair.


• Prep – Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray

Protect your hair from the heat of styling tools with the Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray while ensuring your hairstyle remains intact. This Matrix hair product is your best friend for achieving stunning looks without compromising the health of your hair. It forms a protective barrier, shielding hair from damage caused by styling tools and leaving it looking shiny.


• Prep – Smooth Setter Crème

Tame frizz and create sleek, polished styles with Prep Smooth Setter Crème. This Matrix hair product works wonders in achieving a silky-smooth finish that's soft on the touch. Infused with nourishing ingredients, it ensures a flawless finish with lasting style.


• Prep – Volume Builder Mousse

Add volume, body, and bounce to your hair with the Volume Builder Mousse by Matrix. This lightweight mousse formula provides long-lasting hold and lift, creating fullness. It is perfect for achieving voluminous styles with natural movement and texture.


• Perfect – Style Fixer

Style Fixer is a must-have product for maintaining hairstyles in place all day. This advanced formula offers a strong hold without stiffness, ensuring hairstyles stay intact. Lightweight and non-greasy, it provides lasting control and definition, making it ideal for creating various styles with ease.


• Play – Matte Definer Beach Clay

Textured hair is the epitome of chic and style but mastering it can be a challenge. However, including this medium-to-strong hold Matrix hair product in your hairstyling vanity can help you flaunt textured hair with ease. Say goodbye to flat and lifeless hair with the Play Matte Definer Beach Clay. It's not only a professional hair product, but also a hairstyling secret that professionals and enthusiasts swear by.



Matrix Opti.Straight is a hair straightening treatment that offers you the freedom to enjoy sleek, smooth, and frizz-free hair. This Matrix hair product is enriched with an innovative formula that is designed to transform unruly, curly, or wavy hair into beautifully straight hair.



Matrix Opti.Sculpt is a permanent hair straightening solution that allows you to straighten and shape your hair with ease and precision. This versatile styling Matrix hair product offers a lightweight, non-greasy formula that won't weigh down your hair. Using this Matrix product allows you to create texture, volume, and definition, making it perfect for achieving straight hair permanently at the salon.


• LightMaster

LightMaster is a hair lightening product that empowers you to create stunning highlights, balayage, and ombre effects with professional-level precision. This high-performance lightening Matrix hair product is designed to lighten your hair to your desired level while maintaining its health.


• Oxydant

Oxydant developer is an essential component in the hair colouring process, known for its reliable and consistent performance. This high-quality oxidising agent is designed to work seamlessly with other Matrix products, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting results.


Browse through Matrix product categories to discover detailed information about each product, including ingredients, usage instructions, and expert tips. Elevate your hair game today with Matrix, where beauty knows no bounds.