Hair Fixing Spray

Give volume, lift and tousled texture to every hairstyle you try and keep it set in place with Matrix’s Fixing Hair Spray. Part of the ‘Perfect’ lineup by Style Link, the Style Fixer hair setting spray is the key to lasting hold and shine in the hair. The anti-frizz, humidity-resistant, and fast-drying hair-fixing spray locks your hairstyle in place for hours with an ultra-dry finish. You can twist or curl your hair in any style, but the extra strong hold of Style Fixer hair setting spray will keep it looking fresh all day.

Set Your Hair with Matrix Professional Hair Setting Spray

Gone are the days when flaunting celebrity-like hairstyles seemed like a distant dream, courtesy the unmanageable hair and the hairstyle that almost never stayed in place. Now that you have Matrix professional hair spray by your side, you can master every hairstyle effortlessly. From curled plaits to waterfall braids, name any hairstyle and you can now easily recreate it at home with utmost precision with the help of the Matrix Fixing hair setting spray. So, what are you waiting for? Pick a hairstyle, recreate the hairdo with the help of Matrix hair spray, and let your hair do the talking!

Uses of hair setting spray

The moment you decide to use a hair setting spray, you sign yourself up for the following benefits:

● Add volume to hair- Want to achieve incredible hair lift? Use a hair setting spray and get the hair height of your dreams in just a few sprays.

● Prevent hair static- Prevent static in the hair and enhance the performance of straightened hair with a professional hair spray.

● Help preserve curls- Applying a hair fixing spray after curling your hair helps it hold the structure, i.e., curls for a longer time.

● Discipline frizz and flyaways- Managing frizz and flyaways is super easier with a hair setting spray.

How to use hair setting spray?

Using a hair setting spray is very easy. Follow the step-by-step guide and learn how to use a hair fixing spray quickly:

Step 1: Shake the bottle of your hair setting spray before every use. Hold the spray at least 30 cm away from your hair or roots. Make sure you are maintaining the distance to avoid any chemical reaction on your face or eyes.

Step 2: For best hold performance, hold your tresses in an upside-down position. You can make sections in the hair to ensure supreme absorption.

Step 3: If you have unruly and frizzy hair, use the hair setting spray as directed and smoothen the flyaways with your hands and not with a brush.

Pro tip: Those who have sensitive scalps must avoid using hair setting sprays that contain alcohol or any other harsh ingredients.

Matrix Style Fixer is a top-notch professional hair spray that can control any complex hairstyle with its extra strong hold feature. This Matrix hair spray delivers long-lasting hold performance and adds unmatched shine to the hair with an ultra-dry finish. Additionally, its fast-drying technology fights humidity and makes sure your precious locks stay in place for a prolonged period.

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