Professional Smoothing Cream

Dull, dry, and frizzy hair can dampen any look. The Matrix professional smoothing cream comes as a boon to combat all these hair woes. It's tough to tame hair frizz, unruly locks, and dull tresses, but this hair styling product helps tackle all sorts of undisciplined hair. As a part of your daily regimen, the Matrix hair smoothing cream takes the sheen of your hair to the next level instantly. Doubling as a perfect hair care product, the Matrix smoothing cream delivers a satin finish to  your strands without weighing them down. Ideal for all hair types, tame your tresses and flatten out your flyways with the hair smoothing cream by Matrix.

It’s Time to Smoothen Your Hair Care Game

Get ready to turn every day into a good hair day with a hair smoothing cream. Your hair can often become susceptible to frizz and lose its sheen and glossiness over time. But not anymore! Now that hair smoothing creams have entered the hair styling arena, you can say goodbye to lacklustre frizzy hair and say yes to trendy hairstyles that you always wanted to recreate but couldn’t succeed due to the frustrating frizzy hair. Hair care and hair styling giants like Matrix Professional exhibited extreme efforts to make hair styling an easily attainable task and have come up with a professional smoothing cream. The Matrix Smooth Setter Crème is an excellent hair smoothing cream that leaves you with frizz-free smooth hair with a satin finish. The lightweight formula and flexible hold of this hair smoothing cream tame your hair while letting it move naturally. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your hair styling regimen with a hair smoothing cream and make heads turn wherever you go.


What is a hair smoothing cream?

Hair smoothing creams are specialised hair styling products that help tame unruly locks, add shine and gloss to your tresses, and protect your precious hair from heat styling tools. Apart from this, hair smoothing creams also nourish and hydrate the hair and give it a healthy appearance. So, if you are combating unruly hair or just want frizz-free healthy smooth, and shiny hair, then consider giving the Matrix smoothing crème a shot. What’s more, the Smooth Setter Crème lets you add bounce to your hair without weighing it down, and offers a light-hold performance for natural-looking, bouncy hair.


What does hair smoothing cream do to your hair?

Applying a hair smoothing cream can extend the following benefits:




A hair smoothing cream like the Matrix Smooth Setter Crème can superbly tackle flyaways and frizz.




The caring ingredients present in a hair smoothing cream help provide extreme hydration to the hair.




Hair smoothing creams like Matrix Smooth Setter Crème help add shine and bounce to the hair without weighing them down.


How to use a hair smoothing cream?

Tired of dealing with unruly frizz, a hair smoothing cream can be your answer for well nourished, luscious locks. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use a hair smoothing cream to unlock your dream hair:


Step 1: Take the required amount of hair smoothing cream into your palm and evenly distribute the product on your damp hair.


Step 2: You can start working the hair smoothing cream from the mid-length and work your way towards the ends.


Step 3: Lastly, blow dry to enjoy a flawlessly frizz-free hair day.


You can pair the hair smoothing cream with our nourishing shampoo or different frizz control hair products.


Embrace the goodness of a hair smoothing cream and don’t let unruly strands hold you back. Style your unmanageable locks and get the chance to flaunt your hair confidently with a professional smoothing cream aka the Matrix Smooth Setter Crème.


Now you can achieve a flawless hair updo with professional hair styling products found at the house of Matrix. You can also browse through the Matrix Style Link range and get access to best-in-class hair styling clay, heat protectant spray, hair setting spray, hair volume mousse, and more.