Strong Hold Styling Products

Strong-hold styling products like hair sprays and gels have come a long way since crunchy and spikey hair was popular amongst men and hair puffs amongst women. Hair gels today are great for giving your hair a long-lasting hold without the stiffness or the crunch. So, gear up to create unique hairstyles and use a strong hold hair gel or clay to lock them in place.

Achieve A Perfect Balance While Styling Your Hair

Find the perfect balance between enduring hold and natural flexibility with our exceptional hair styling solutions. If you're looking for a product that keeps your hair flawlessly styled throughout the day without sacrificing its natural movement, look no further. The strong-hold products by Matrix work on all hair types and give texture and definition to the hair without any extra build up. Whether you're aiming for a sleek, polished look or a dynamic, messy hairstyle, this is your key to achieving perfection without making your hair too stiff. Read on to know more about these strong-hold styling products and how to pick the right one for yourself.

What are strong-hold styling products?

Strong-hold hair products are like your styling buddy or best friend. They help keep your hair exactly the way you want, all day long, even when it gets windy. Whether you're going for a fancy updo or a cool, edgy look, these products ensure that your hair stays put. And the best part? They don't make your hair feel stiff or uncomfortable. It's like having a reliable partner for your hair, so you can flaunt any style with confidence. You don't have to compromise on comfort. Our Matrix strong-hold products are crafted to strike the perfect balance, without leaving your hair stiff or unnatural.

How to choose the right strong-hold product for yourself?

Hair Type:

Consider your hair type before choosing a strong-hold styling product for yourself. Is it thick, fine, curly, or straight? Different products work better for different hair types. Choose the one that matches your hair's texture. For instance, if your hair is too frizzy and you’re looking for a product to smoothen it, the Smooth Setter crème is your best bet as it tames your mane without weighing it down.

Style Goals:

Consider the style you want to achieve. Strong-hold products are fantastic for intricate or gravity-defying looks. If you're after a hairstyle that stays intact through anything, this is your go-to.


Think about the texture and consistency of the products before investing in them. Some come in sprays, gels, or creams. Choose a type of strong-hold product that suits your styling routine. If you want a creamy texture, try the Matte Definer Beach Clay that has just the right consistency to give your hair a choppy texture along with a matte finish.

Trial and Error:

Don't be afraid to try a few options. Sometimes, it takes experimenting to find the one that gives you the desired hold without feeling uncomfortable.

To achieve a proper hold while styling, try the strong-hold styling products with other professional hair styling products from the Matrix StyleLink range. This range provides a wide variety of options, such as heat protectants and clays, carefully crafted to elevate and improve your hair styling experience.