Hair Straightening Products

Want to straighten your hair without causing any damage? Try the Matrix hair straightening products – your key to unlocking and availing a safe hair styling process. Opting for a permanent hair straightening process is a great way to revamp your look. But the process, i.e., heat and harsh chemicals that are inevitable components of the hair straightening process can cast a negative effect on your precious tresses. But not anymore! The advanced Matrix straightening products are carefully curated to protect and tend to your hair without compromising the hair health. Browse through the top-notch Matrix hair straightening products and let nothing hold you back from styling your hair the way you want.

Play Safe and Bold With the Matrix Hair Straightening Products

The permanent hair straightening process transforms your hair from wavy, curly, coarse, frizzy, and unruly to smooth, sleek, and straight. However, excessive heat and chemicals used during the hair straightening treatment can damage your hair, so it is important to use hair straightening products and heat protectants to nourish and protect it. Sleek, straight or natural smooth, the Matrix hair straightening products are a new generation of hair straightening creams that straighten hair without compromising on your hair’s health or natural movement. The unique formula of these hair straightening products moisturises and conditions your hair, prevents breakage, and ensures an enjoyable hair straightening experience without any odour, dryness, or damage.


Top hair straightening products

Introducing Matrix Opti Straight and Matrix Opti Sculpt ranges - the star products from the house of Matrix and the ultimate gateway to experiencing a safe hair straightening process. Let’s learn about these two ranges of Matrix hair straightening products in detail.


Matrix Opti Straight

The Opti Straight range is the first ever anti-breakage straightening system by Matrix that maintains hair strength. The unique auto-control technology of the advanced Matrix Opti Straight hair straightening cream prevents your hair from being over-processed hence you can be assured that your hair health isn’t compromised. You can get perfectly straight, conditioned, and healthy-looking tresses by using Matrix Opti Straight hair straightening products. This Matrix hair straightening products are available in two different strengths based on the individual hair types. These are as follows:


• Normal (Ideal for medium to fine, naturally wavy or frizzy hair)

• Resistant (Ideal for medium to thick, naturally curly or frizzy hair)


Matrix Opti Sculpt

The Matrix Opti Sculpt range is an advanced shaping treatment that softens the hair to make it malleable for straightening or curling. The Opti Sculpt hair straightening treatments are enriched with elastin and collagen to soften the hair while the ceramide in the cream nourishes and protects your hair from dryness and breakage. This Matrix straightening range is available in three different strengths based on hair type. These are as follows:


• Normal – (Ideal for fine to medium hair)

• Resistant – (Ideal for thick hair, very curly hair)

• Sensitised – (Ideal for brittle or chemically treated hair)


Note: Both of these Matrix ranges are in-salon hair treatment products. Visit your nearest Matrix partner salon and get a safe hair redo.


Feeling hesitant to straighten your hair? Shoo away all your worries and embrace the goodness of Matrix straightening products. Browse through the Matrix hair styling products, Matrix hair coloring products, Matrix hair care products, and get the hair of your dreams.