Hair Texture Products

Irrespective of your hair type, you can expertly shape, smoothen, and style any hair (be it wavy, straight, curly, natural or textured) with the help of Matrix hair texture products. For instance, the Matrix Opti Straight is a gentle yet effective straightening crème that gives you straight, soft, and manageable hair. And if you want to get permanent straightened hair? You can try the Matrix Opti Sculpt that helps you mould your hair in a straight shape.

Matrix Hair Texture Products – The Key To Getting Straightened Hair

Do you want to flaunt permanently straightened hair? Sign up for hair texture products and get permanently straightened hair effortlessly. The hair care and hair styling industry has evolved immensely and the result is evident in the invention of hair texture products that enable you to achieve desired shape irrespective of your hair type. Matrix Professional too has shown spectacular efforts in launching effective hair texture products. Matrix texture products should be a must-have in your hair styling arsenal if straightened hair is your next hair goal. By using these Matrix texture products, you can effortlessly flaunt straightened hair without compromising hair health and strength. Opt for hair texture products and fulfil your dream of achieving beautiful, shiny, straight hair.

Best hair texture products

Mentioned below is a list of best-in-class hair texture products aka hair straightening products from the house of Matrix:

• Matrix Opti.Straight hair texture product


Matrix Opti.Straight is a specially curated in-salon product that lets you flaunt permanent straight hair in no time. Not only do you get permanently straightened hair but also super conditioned, healthy, and natural-looking, shiny tresses. This Matrix texture product boasts an advanced auto-control technology that immediately ceases the hair straightening process as soon as the natural-looking straightened hair is accomplished. Hence, you need not worry about overprocessing your hair or compromising your hair health. Usually, it takes 3 – 3.5 hours (for shoulder-length hair) to get the desired result, i.e., beautiful straight hair.

This super-effective Matrix texture product is available in two different strengths (Normal and Resistant) based on your hair type (naturally wavy or curly, frizzy hair).

• Matrix Opti.Sculpt hair texture product


Matrix Opti.Sculpt is another impressive hair texture product that helps soften your mane and simultaneously nourish your locks. This effective hair straightening treatment derives its potency from a powerful elastin + collagen formula for incredibly straightened follicles and long-lasting deeply moisturized hair. When applied properly under expert supervision, this Matrix texture product can shape your hair into the straightest and sleekest form while maintaining natural movement. If you have shoulder-length hair, you can have this hair straightening process done in approximately 3 – 3.5 hours.

Opti.Sculpt from the house of Matrix Professional is available in three different strengths. These include Normal (fine to medium hair), Resistant (thick or very curly hair), and Sensitised (brittle or chemically treated hair).

If you have deferred your dream of having natural-looking straight hair thinking you might end up overprocessing your hair or affect its strength and health, it’s time to resort to Matrix texture products. For expert assistance on hair care, hair styling, and hair colour, keep browsing the hair care products, hair styling products, and hair colour products to select your preferred hair buddies and take your hair game to the next level.