Hair Color Developer

Looking for a hair color developer to use with your permanent hair color? Look no further. Designed to ensure uniform color delivery, the Matrix Oxydant is the perfect choice for those seeking intense and long-lasting hair color transformations. Our Matrix Cream Oxydant Hair Color Developer is available in three different volumes: 20, 30, and 40. With these options you have the freedom to select the ideal volume that aligns with your desired hair color outcome.

Prep Your Hair Color The Right Way with Matrix Color Developer

Achieving the perfect hair color is an art, and we understand the importance of precision and consistency in your color application. The Matrix Cream Oxydant hair color developer is your trusted partner in creating vibrant, long-lasting shades that turn heads. With its advanced formula, this hair developer ensures impeccable color delivery every time. One of the key features of the Matrix Cream Oxydant is its availability in three different volumes: 20, 30, and 40. This range also allows you to customise your hair color experience, tailoring it to meet your specific requirements. Whether you're aiming for a subtle shade adjustment or a dramatic hair color change, Matrix provides you the right hair developer to help you achieve your hair goals.

What are hair developers?

Hair developers, also known as oxidising agents or hydrogen peroxide developers, are essential components in the process of hair coloring. They are used in conjunction with hair color or bleach to achieve the desired shade or level of lightness. Hair color developers play a crucial role in the chemical reaction that occurs during the coloring process.

Hair developers contain hydrogen peroxide, which act as an oxidising agent. When mixed with hair color or hair color lightener, the developer helps open the hair cuticles, allowing the color or bleach to penetrate the hair shaft. This process enables the removal of natural pigments or deposits new color molecules into the hair strands, resulting in a change in hair color.

Hair color developers are available in different volumes, typically measured in percentages or "volumes" such as 10, 20, 30, or 40. The volume indicates the strength or concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the developer. Lower volume developers, like 10 or 20, are used for deposit-only color or when a subtle color change is desired. Higher volume hair developers, such as 30 or 40, are used for more significant color transformations or when you want to lighten the hair.

The choice of color developer volume depends on the desired outcome and the starting color of the hair. Darker hair or hair with previous color deposits may require a higher volume developer to achieve the desired result. It's important to note that higher volume developers have a stronger bleaching or lightening effect, but they can also be more damaging to the hair if not used correctly.

How to use a hair developer?

Step 1: Choose the volume of the hair developer according to your desire. This helps you in determining how light or dark the color will appear on your hair.

Step 2: Mix the hair developer with the color you choose from varied hair color products in the ratio mentioned on the packaging of the hair color. For instance, mix with SoColor in 1.5 ratio and with WonderColor in 1:1 ratio.

Step 3: Ensure that the product does not come in direct contact with the eyes.

Now that you know what a hair developer is and how to use it, browse through the range of Matrix developers to choose the right one for your hair.