Ammonia Free Hair Color

The Matrix Wonder Color is a permanent ammonia-free hair color range that delivers an even and true-to-tone color. What’s more, the Matrix ammonia-free hair color is available in four stunning options (Black, Brown, Reds, and Colors) and 25 exciting shades. So, what are you waiting for? Upgrade your hair game with a Matrix ammonia-free hair color that will suit your personality, and spice up your overall appearance.

Ammonia-free hair color – the key to safe hair coloring experience

If you are looking for a safe and long-lasting hair color transformation process, then an ammonia-free permanent hair color is your best bet. As the name suggests, ammonia-free hair colors don’t contain ammonia, and instead use emollient oil and other caring ingredients to lock in the desired pigment, i.e., hair color to the hair. Since the ingredients used in the no-ammonia hair color formula are gentler than ammonia and other harsh chemicals like peroxide (used in ammonia hair color), the moisture and protein content of the hair remain impressively intact during the coloring process. So, say yes to a safer and effective hair color transformation process and enjoy superior color performance with ammonia-free hair colors. Wondering where to find the best ammonia-free hair color? Matrix Wonder Color is a no-ammonia hair color range that colors and cares for your hair without causing any damage. This professional ammonia-free hair color range is free from parabens, alcohol, and silicone, making it safe to use on your delicate tresses.


What are the benefits of ammonia-free hair color?

Here is a glimpse of some of the benefits of using no-ammonia hair colors:


• 100% grey coverage: The Matrix ammonia-free hair color range like the Wonder color range provides up to 100% grey coverage.


• Long-lasting color performance: You can enjoy long-lasting color performance (up to 32 washes) by using a no-ammonia hair color like Matrix Wonder Color ammonia-free hair color.


• Healthy hair: Ammonia-free hair colors ensure the moisture and protein level of the hair are in an optimal state so that you can flaunt healthy hair.


• No itchy scalp: The chances of scalp irritation and burning sensation are zero when using ammonia-free hair colors.


• Free of pungent smell: No-ammonia hair colors are free from such a pungent smell, making the experience safe and pleasant for you.


Why do experts recommend Matrix ammonia-free hair colors?

Matrix ammonia-free hair color range like the Wonder Color is the expert’s choice due to multiple reasons. These include:


• Matrix ammonia-free hair colors are formulated with the patented coacervation system + 3 oils and 20% caring ingredients to ensure healthy hair. Additionally, your precious tresses get 2X nourishment from each application of Matrix ammonia-free hair colors.


• You can get up to 100% grey coverage by using any of the products under the Matrix Wonder Color ammonia-free hair color


• The advanced color-lock formula of Matrix Wonder Color ammonia-free hair color range guarantees 8 weeks of color performance and stays for up to 32 washes.


• Be ready to get 5X post-coloration shine by opting Matrix Wonder Color ammonia-free hair color


• The no paraben + no alcohol + no silicone formula of Matrix ammonia-free hair colors works gently on the scalp.


• You can choose your favourite shade from the vibrant range of 25 natural + fashion hair color shades of Matrix Wonder Color ammonia-free hair color


Be it grey coverage, fashion coverage, or high-intensity reds, Matrix ammonia-free hair color aka the Wonder Color range has products for every hair color junkie. Browse through the wide range of Matrix hair color products and give your hair a punch of vibrancy.