Hair Nourishing Products

Long or short, curly or straight, hair that is healthy from within will look beautiful on the outside regardless of how you style it. However, when your hair is constantly exposed to chemicals, heat, and environmental aggressors, it loses its shine and becomes dull and lifeless. However, with the right hair nourishing products, your hair can bounce back to its former glory in no time.

Everything You Need To Know About Dull And Undernourished Hair

Healthy, shiny, bouncy, and voluminous hair is the dream of every girl. Hair that is soft to the touch, easy to manage, and doesn’t tangle or form knots indicates its optimal inherent health and signals that hair is thoroughly nourished and hydrated. However, for some people, healthy hair certainly feels like a distant dream. Why? Because sometimes, the hair becomes a victim of excessive heat styling tools, sun exposure, extreme weather conditions, environmental aggressors, and most importantly poor dietary choices, etc.


Result? Dull and undernourished hair. People with dull and undernourished hair suffer from breakage, frizziness, and grass-like hair texture. However, with some changes in lifestyle, indulging in a thorough hair care routine, and using hair nourishing products can reverse the damage and give you healthy, shiny, bouncy, and tangle-free hair.     


Signs of dull and undernourished hair

Before you opt for a treatment for dull and undernourished hair or choose any hair nourishing products, it is imperative to know the tell-tale signs of dull and undernourished hair so that you can take the best care of your hair. These include:


• Hair that is prone to breakage:


Excessive oiliness or dryness makes hair easily breakable)


• Frizzy hair:


When moisture travels through the opened-up cuticle, it results in swelled-up hair strands, ultimately leading to dull and frizzy hair. People with curly hair experience more frizziness than those with straight hair).


• Dull hair:


Incorrect hair care techniques, lack of key nutrients in diet, excessive sun exposure or usage of heat styling tools, over-usage of chemical treatment, using wrong hair care products.


Tips for adding life to the dull and undernourished hair

Here are some tried and tested tips to add life to dull, lifeless, and undernourished hair:


• Use hair nourishing products:


Using hair nourishing products can help correct hair dullness and add extensive nourishment to the tresses. For instance, Long Nourish Protect Masque from the Matrix opti.long range is a deep conditioning treatment that fixes split ends, nourishes the hair fibre, improves hair elasticity, and provides strength to the tresses.


• Use heat styling tools cautiously:


Heat styling tools (if kept unmindfully at a higher temperature) can burn your hair. Other tools like hair dryers can cause surface hair damage. Hence, its recommended to keep the temperature of heat styling tools at a low level and apply heat protectant spray during the process to prevent damage.


• Place a humidifier in your room:


During the winter season, indoor heating can make your hair dull and lifeless. Opt for a humidifier to elevate the moisture content in the air and prevent moisture loss from hair, making it dry and dull.


• Go for a satin pillow:


Sleeping on a satin pillow lowers friction and resultantly benefits hair with less frizziness, tangling, and breakage.


• Use boar bristles:


Using boar bristles (instead of metal ones) help seal the hair cuticle and reflect more shine.


So, achieving healthy and nourished hair isn’t difficult anymore. Is it? Follow these tips and choose the right hair nourishing products to give the best care to your precious hair. Additionally, include best-in-class hair care products like hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair serum, hair booster, and hair masque in your hair care routine and see the result for yourself.