Damaged Hair Products

Is damaged hair giving you a hard time? If yes, then embrace the goodness of Matrix opti.repair Liquid Protein range and shoo away all the damaged hair-related concerns. Choose dedicated damaged hair products exclusively from the Matrix opti.repair Liquid Protein range and don’t let damaged hair come in the way of getting healthy nourished tresses.

Damaged Hair: Causes and Treatment

While the levels of damage in your locks can vary, it is important to start using dedicated damaged hair products early on to prevent the damage from getting worse. Damaged hair results from excessive heat styling, sun exposure, dirt, pollution, environmental aggressors, etc. On top of that, if you unintentionally start using wrong hair care products like harsh shampoos on already damaged hair, you can imagine the deadly consequence.


Solution? Embrace the potent power of Matrix opti.repair Liquid Protein range and see the result for yourself. Regardless of the cause of damage, the Matrix opti.repair Liquid Protein range repairs damaged hair from both inside and outside and restores your hair to its former glory. So, choose the top-tier dedicated damaged hair products that consist of shampoo, conditioner, hair masque and porosity spray from the house of Matrix and say yes to healthy, frizz-free, and nourished hair.


Causes of damaged hair

Factors such as chemical treatments like hair coloring, heat styling tools like hair straighteners or curlers and blow driers, environmental aggressors like overexposure to the sun or salty sea water, or habits like over washing your hair or overzealous brushing can result in damaged hair.


Apart from these, medical conditions like malnutrition, hormone imbalance, thyroid, and autoimmune diseases can also damage your hair. While the latter case demands medical intervention, you can tackle certain levels of hair damage by using specially curated damaged hair products and following a thorough hair care regimen.


Top damaged hair repair products

Looking for the best damaged hair products? Matrix has launched the all-new opti.repair Liquid Protein range to drive away all your damaged hair-related worries. Consisting of shampoo, conditioner, masque, and spray, this advanced hair care range strives to repair dry, brittle, and damaged hair and give optimal nourishment to it.


Here’s a list of some of the effective damaged hair products:


• Matrix Damage Repair Liquid Protein Shampoo

Remove product build-up, control frizz, and smoothen cuticles with this shampoo. Deriving power from the Liquid Proteins, it superbly repairs, balances, and straightened hair.


• Matrix Damage Repair Liquid Protein Conditioner

This conditioner for dry, brittle and damaged hair repair damage, corrects hair porosity, provides intense nourishment, and prep and realign hair cuticles to prevent further worsening of hair.


• Matrix Damage Repair Liquid Protein Porosity Spray

Damaged hair products like Matrix Damage Repair Liquid Protein Porosity Spray protect your hair from heat styling, maintain the hair’s pH balance, and control hair frizz. It’s Liquid Protein + B5 formula shows effective results in filling the porosity, smoothen cuticle damage, and visibly reduce split ends.


• Matrix Damage Repair Liquid Protein Masque

Shower some extra care and affection on your damaged hair with the all-new Matrix Damage Repair Liquid Protein Masque. It is one of the most effective damaged hair products that provides profound nourishment to the hair, repair and restore dry and damaged hair, and prevent further damage. 


Bid adieu to damaged hair days and welcome healthy nourished tresses with the all-new Matrix opti.repair Liquid Protein range. For additional assistance on hair care products, browse through the hair shampoo, hair conditioner, hair serum, and hair masque range and build an effective hair care routine for your damaged hair.