Want to know how to achieve salon-like hairstyles that perfectly capture your unique essence? Look no further than StyleLink – your gateway to a world of exceptional styling products. Every product is designed meticulously to empower you with the ability to transform your hair easily and take care of all your styling needs. Explore our curated range of Matrix Stylelink products and master the art of hairstyling, as we bring to you innovative products that blend professional finesse with your personal touch.

Transform your hair into a work of art with Stylelink

Matrix Stylelink offers a wide range of products for all kinds of hair needs, making hair styling a breeze for every occasion. Discover our range of styling products to express your unique style effortlessly. You can try our Thermal Styling spray that provides heat protection, long-lasting hold, and a brilliant shine; or tame unruly locks with our Matrix Smooth Setter for silky, frizz-free hair. Achieve gravity-defying styles and add volume with the Volume Builder Mousse. What’s more, you can ensure your masterpiece stays intact all day with our Matrix Style Fixer hair spray with extra strong hold. For a textured, beachy look try the Matrix Matte Definer. With the diverse range of hair styling products by Stylelink, you can effortlessly transform your hair into a stunning work of art.

Top Products under the Matrix Stylelink range

Each of the Matrix Stylelink products is categorised by their hold levels. The Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray and the Volume Builder Mousse provide a light hold to your hair. Whereas, the Smooth setter crème and the Matte Definer Beach Clay offer a strong hold while styling. The Style Fixer spray by Stylelink provides an extra strong hold and is powerful than all the other Matrix Stylelink products.

1. Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray


The Matrix Heat Buffer Thermal Styling spray is your ultimate solution for safeguarding your hair from heat styling tools. Bid farewell to heat-related problems as this delicately formulated spray acts as a protective barrier for your hair. With the ability to shield your hair from temperatures as high as 450F/232C, this heat protectant spray by Matrix Stylelink ensures your hair remains unscathed and radiantly resilient while offering a light hold.

2. Smooth Setter Crème


Transform unruly hair into sleek perfection with Matrix Smooth Setter. Say goodbye to frizz caused by frequent styling, as this smoothing crème puts you back in control. Boasting a light hold, this Stylelink product not only tames frizz but also gives your hair a good volume.

3. Volume Builder Mousse


Does your hair require a voluminous boost? Does it often feel lacklustre and lifeless after styling? Elevate your hair game with the Matrix StyleLink Volume Builder Mousse - your key to providing definition and volume into your lifeless hair. Designed for those with wavy and curly hair, this Matrix Stylelink product offers a lightweight to medium hold, crafting effortlessly stunning curls while providing a shine.

4. Style Fixer


Locking your hairstyle in place is essential for a flawless look. The Matrix Style Fixer offers long-lasting, extra strong hold with brilliant shine and a dry finish to keep your hair perfect for hours, even in humid conditions.

5. Matter Definer Beach Clay


Achieve stunningly textured hair effortlessly with Matrix Stylelink. The Matrix Matte Definer Beach Clay is your key to adding texture and definition for that perfect look. This strong hold product makes styling a breeze.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through the wide range of Stylelink products to choose the right hair styling product for yourself.