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Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray

Thermal styling spray. Shiny Finish.

Concerned about the constant threat of heat damage every time you pamper yourself with a styling session? We have got just the right product for you, so that the next time you style your hair, you won’t have to worry about hair damage. The Matrix Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray is here to revolutionise your hair care routine, offering ultimate protection against heat styling tools.

Bid farewell to the days of anxious styling, as the Matrix Heat Buffer Spray ensures your hair remains impeccably protected. Whether you're a styling enthusiast or simply looking to maintain your hair's natural radiance, our Thermal Styling Spray is your trusted companion. Read on to discover the benefits the Matrix Heat Buffer has to offer.


1. Advanced Thermal Protection:

Our Matrix Heat Buffer offers robust thermal protection up to scorching temperatures of 450°F/232°C. Say goodbye to the fear of damaged hair and embrace the confidence of knowing your hair is safe from extreme heat.

2. Lightweight and Even Distribution:

The heat styling spray has a lightweight formula combined with a delicate, fine mist. This innovative design guarantees an effortless, even distribution of the heat styling spray, without weighing your hair down. Your hair remains free to flow and radiate their natural beauty.

3. Lustrous Shine and Smooth Finish:

Elevate your styling game to new heights with the Matrix Heat Buffer Spray. It not only shields your hair but also bestows a silky-smooth, gleaming finish. Bid adieu to dull, lifeless hair and welcome shiny and radiate hair that is super healthy.

4. Natural-Looking Hold:

Matrix understands that nobody wants their hair to feel like a stiff, crunchy helmet. Our Matrix Heat Buffer offers a gentle, light hold that retains the flexibility and movement of your hair. You can now enjoy your preferred styles with the confidence of hair that feels as natural as it looks.

5. Damage Control:

Matrix is your partner in the battle against heat damage. Shielding your hair from the external stressors, the Matrix Heat Buffer acts as a saviour, allowing you to try your favourite styling tools without the fear of harm. Your hair remains healthy and resiliently beautiful.


Step 1: Shake Well for Optimal Results:

Before using the Matrix Heat Buffer Thermal Styling Spray, it's essential to give the bottle a good shake. This simple step ensures that the product's components are thoroughly mixed, enhancing its effectiveness when applied to your hair.

Step 2: Application on Damp Hair:

For maximum protection and even distribution, apply the heat protectant spray to damp hair. Damp hair allows the product to spread evenly and penetrate your hair cuticles, creating a reliable shield against heat damage.

Step 3: Seamless Styling:

Once you've generously applied the Matrix Heat Buffer to your damp hair, you can seamlessly proceed with your usual styling routine.

Step 4: Dry Hair Option for Enhanced Protection:

In addition to applying the Matrix heat protectant on damp hair, you also have the option to use it on dry hair. This versatility extends your protection even further, ensuring that your hair remains safeguarded when using heated styling tools. Whether your hair is damp or dry, the Matrix Heat Buffer is your trusted ally in preserving its health and shine.

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