Established in 1980 by American hairstylist Arnie Miller, Matrix Professional has emerged as a premier provider of hair care solutions within the global community of salons. Arnie Miller, a seasoned hairstylist with over two decades of experience, embarked on a different venture in 1971, conceptualising individually applied eyelashes. This endeavour led to the establishment of Ardell, a company that would eventually venture into hair coloring products. With a rich assortment of products encompassing hair care, color, styling, and texturing, coupled with exclusive in-salon treatments, Matrix Professional stands as a beacon for all hair types. Through revolutionary and user-friendly formulas, the brand empowers hairstylists with the confidence of predictable results, underpinned by cutting-edge American technological advancements.

However, the late 1970s saw a shift in Mr. Miller's perspective as he observed the retail landscape contracting. In 1980, he opted to divest Ardell and shift his focus entirely to the creation of Matrix, dedicated exclusively to professional hair care buyers. Mr. Miller expressed his rationale, stating, "I felt that in order to be successful, I needed more focus. I chose the professional end because I knew the business and I liked it better."

Matrix's founding principles, as envisioned by the Millers, remain unwavering even after more than two decades. The brand remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing salon professionals, offering an extensive array of hair care, coloring, and texturising products like Opti, SoColor, Wonder Color, Oxydant, Lightmaster and Stylelink.

Presently, Matrix's influence spans over 250,000 salons across 57 countries, showcasing its widespread impact. Central to its success are the state-of-the-art Matrix academies and training centers dispersed worldwide, solidifying Matrix's position as the vanguard of the professional hair care sector.

Matrix's journey, spanning from its inception in 1980 to its present-day global eminence, is a testament to the vision and dedication of its founders. With an unwavering commitment to professional hairstylists, an impressive array of products, and a legacy built on innovation, Matrix continues to redefine the landscape of professional hair care.


At Matrix, our mission is to empower salons and hairstylists through accessible education and a range of user-friendly products that set the stage for success. Through a blend of inspiration and innovation, we stand by hairdressers at every step of their journey, helping them realize their fullest potential and envision the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Our dedication extends beyond the salon chair, as we are unwavering in our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint. From our corporate offices to the local salon and into the everyday lives of consumers, we strive to leave a positive impact on our planet.

Together, we have the power to drive change. That's why we pledge that each new formulation we introduce will be kinder to the environment, with an emphasis on cleaner ingredients. Moreover, our packaging initiatives will prioritize recycled materials, minimising the use of plastic to uphold our responsibility to the Earth. As we share our products with the world, we'll also be mindful of our merchandising choices, ensuring that every step aligns with our eco-conscious values.

At Matrix, our mission is crystal clear: to upskill hairstylists, elevate the beauty industry, and protect the world we all share. As we continue on this path, we invite you to join us in creating a future where beauty thrives hand-in-hand with sustainability, and where every strand of hair represents a strand of hope for a greener tomorrow.