Smooth Setter Cream
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Smooth Setter Crème

Smoothing creme. Satin Finish.
Smooth Setter Cream

The heat from regularly styling your hair can often make it super frizzy. But with the Matrix Smooth Setter, you can now control your frizz and get smooth hair. This smoothing cream has a light hold and allows you to add bounce to your hair while taming down the frizz. This anti frizz cream doesn’t build up in your hair and maintains its natural movement and look.


•  This Matrix styling product is one of the best frizz control products to tame your mane. It smoothens your hair and tames down the frizz.

•  The lightweight texture of the frizz control cream ensures your hair doesn’t feel weighed down and retains its natural movement.

•  This Matrix product for smoothing and frizz control has a light hold. This means that your hair will be free of frizz and still look super natural and bouncy.


•  Take a coin sized amount of the Matrix smoothing cream into your palm.

•  Rub the frizz control cream for a few seconds between your palms to evenly distribute the product.

•  Apply the anti frizz cream, on damp hair, from the mids of your hair towards the end.

•  After you apply a light and even layer of the cream, blow dry your hair to reveal a good hair day.

For a complete hair styling solution, pair the Matrix styling products with other products from the Matrix StyleLink range. This range consists of a wide set of products like a setting spray, mousse, gel, heat protectants, clay and others that will elevate your hairstyling game!