Matte definer beach clay
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Matte Definer Beach Clay

Beach clay. Matte Finish.
Matte definer beach clay

Beautiful, textured hair looks great and adds a lot of volume to your hair and look. However, it can get a little tricky to achieve perfectly textured hair. Not anymore, with this Matrix product, you can add choppy texture and definition to your luscious locks. The Matrix matter definer beach clay is a medium to strong hold product that helps you texturize your hair.


•  The gel-like texture of the Matrix beach clay makes it easy to use and blends into your hair without making it feel heavy.

•  The Matrix Matte Definer has a very natural finish that helps keep your hair malleable and easy to restyle and rework with.

•  This styling clay has a medium to strong hold but washes off easily.


•  Take a scoop of the Matrix clay and rub on your palms to get an even layer of the product.

•  After this, use your hands to apply the product to your hair and scrunch it between your fingers.

•  This will add texture and also volume to your hair.

•  You can use the product on dry as well as damp hair.

For a complete hair styling solution, pair the Matrix styling products with other products from the Matrix StyleLink range. This range consists of a wide set of products like a setting spray, mousse, gel, heat protectants, clay and others that will elevate your hairstyling game!