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Smooth Straight Booster Dose

Professional ceramide treatment for straightened or smoothened hair.

Is your hair feeling rough and dry lately? Give your chemically treated hair an additional booster dose of nourishment with Matrix hair care. The Matrix Professional Opti Care Intense Smoothing Booster Dose is a scalp tonic that gives intense Ceramide treatment to add smoothness and softness to chemically straightened or smoothened hair.


•  The Matrix hair treatment helps you nourish and repair hair damage after being chemically treated.

•  With this professional hair care treatment, you can make your hair smoother and softer.

•  Enriched with ceramide, this intense smoothening treatment smoothens your hair and makes it more manageable.


•  Step 1 – Shampoo your hair thoroughly with the Matrix Professional Opti Care Ultra Smoothing Shampoo and section your hair

•  Step 2 – Apply one full dose or more (if you have very long hair) of the booster dose product for chemically treated hair evenly to each section

•  Step 3 – Do not rinse the Matrix booster dose with water

•  Step 4 – Follow with the Matrix Professional Opti Care Ultra Smoothing Masque and then rinse

To add immense shine and nourishment to your hair, use the Matrix Professional Opti Care Ultra Smoothing Booster Dose along with the complete range of Matrix shampoo, hair mask, conditioner and shampoo. These Matrix hair care products will add immense shine to your hair and also make it silky and manageable.


Naturally found in hair cuticles, ceramide acts as a cement that keeps your hair fibres intact. The strength and elasticity of your hair, moisture retention, shine and smoothening, and resistance to breakage all depend on these ceramides. Constant exposure to environmental aggressors and overuse of heat and chemical treatments can deplete the levels of ceramides in your hair, causing your hair to become dry, rough, and damaged over time. Enriched with ceramide, the Matrix booster dose restores the ceramide balance in your locks, minimizes damage, smoothens the hair, and enhances shine. The Matrix hair care products are a professional solution for long hair maintenance.