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Opti. Straight

1st ever anti-breakage straightening system by Matrix.

Introducing Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream – the secret to getting natural-looking straight locks. Matrix hair straightening cream is a product of extensive research that not only aims to spruce up your hair game but also helps to maintain optimal hair health. As a result, you get perfectly straight and conditioned hair (thanks to the Ammonium thioglycolate + diammonium dithiodiglycolate formula) with a healthy, and naturally shiny look.

This innovative hair straightening cream from the house of Matrix is truly a game changer. Why, you ask? Matrix Opti. Straight Cream is engineered with a unique auto-control technology that stops straightening your hair the moment a naturally straight look is achieved. Yes, you read it right! Matrix Opti. straight ensures that the hair does not undergo any over-processing. Hence the hair's strength is not compromised. Therefore, getting natural-looking and straight, strong hair is easy with the Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream.

Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream ensures you have an ethereal hair straightening experience. Wondering how? Matrix Opti. Straight cream’s strong bridal fragrance helps neutralize the ammonia odour to give a pleasant floral experience. So, say goodbye to experiencing any bad odour during the treatment! Opti. Straight is Matrix’s specialist in-salon permanent straightening product that is available in 2 different strengths based on the hair type:

- Normal (For medium to fine, naturally wavy/frizzy hair)

- Resistant (For medium to thick, naturally curly/frizzy hair)

  • Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream is infused with Ammonium thioglycolate + diammonium dithiodiglycolate to condition your tresses during the hair straightening process and leave you with healthy hair.
  • Opti. Straight from the house of Matrix is powered with cutting-edge auto-control technology that makes sure your delicate hair isn’t overprocessed.
  • Hair strength isn’t compromised during the straightening process.
  • This Matrix hair straightening cream leaves you with natural-looking straight hair.
  • Opti. Straight adds shine to the hair.

Straightening your precious hair with Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream helps enhance your me-time session with a delightful floral fragrance.


Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream:

Step 1 – Wash your hair with Matrix professional shampoo and towel dry your hair.

Step 2 – Make small sections into your hair and start applying the Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream.

Step 3 – Wait for a few hours and rinse your hair with water.

Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream is an in-salon permanent straightening product. The entire hair straightening process depends on the length of your hair. For instance, if you have shoulder-length hair, the average time for the service may take up to 3 - 3.5 hours.

The Matrix Natural-Soft Straightening service uses the Opti. Straight and Matrix Opti. Care range to give you perfectly straight silky hair. Ask your stylist for the Natural-Soft Straightening service today.

Matrix Opti. Straight Hair Straightening Cream is loaded with Ammonium thioglycolate and diammonium dithiodiglycolate, powerful ingredients for straightening hair. These compounds work together to effectively alter the hair's structure, providing long-lasting straightness.