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Damage Repair Liquid Protein Porosity Spray

Fills hair cuticles with liquid proteins and reduces damage.

Repair dry, damaged, and brittle hair with the Opti Repair Porosity Spray. Infused with liquid protein and B5, the porosity spray visibly reduces split ends, conditions over-porous hair, smoothens cuticles and controls static and frizz. It also adds strength to the strands, which in turn helps to reveal soft, supple, healthy, and beautiful hair with ease.

Packed with a unique formula, the high-porosity hair product is great for rebuilding your hair's health from within and flaunt the hair of your dreams effortlessly! The Matrix Porosity Spray also improves the elasticity of your hair, fills the gaps in cuticles with every use and reduces split ends from the first use. Applying the porosity spray regularly fights damage caused by aggressive brushing, heat-styling tools, chemical treatments, and other environmental aggressors. It works amazingly well on sensitive and vulnerable hair as it balances the pH level and leaves the hair feeling manageable.

From vibrantly colored hair to keratin-treated or smoothened hair, regardless of your hair type or styling history, the high porosity hair product will help to fulfil all your hair needs on the go. For best results, we recommend cleansing your hair with the Opti Damage Repair Liquid Protein Shampoo and nourishing your hair with the Opti Damage Repair Liquid Protein Conditioner before applying the Opti Repair Porosity Spray. So, say goodbye to dry and damaged hair, give your hair the love and care it needs and enjoy salon-like care at home by including the Matrix Porosity Spray and other Opti Repair products into your daily hair care regimen right away!



Here’s how to use the Opti Repair Porosity Spray and flaunt healthy hair on the go - 

Step 1: Towel dry your hair after cleansing and nourishing the scalp with the Opti Damage Repair Liquid Protein Shampoo and Opti Damage Repair Liquid Protein Conditioner respectively.

Step 2: Divide and separate your hair into four to six sections.

Step 3: Spray two pumps of the Opti Repair Porosity Spray per section, from the mid-length to the ends of your hair. 

Step 4: Do not rinse and style your hair as desired.


Liquid protein –

The presence of liquid protein in the porosity spray promotes overall hair resilience. What’s more, it repairs damaged hair quickly, hydrates the hair follicles and helps to achieve healthy hair. This ingredient also prevents frizz and enhances the manageability of hair, making it easier to style and free from tangles. In all, liquid protein contains vital nutrients to protect the hair and reveal stronger hair.

Vitamin B5 –

Vitamin B5 helps to improve hair strength and flexibility while reducing breakage and split ends. It promotes moisture retention, which in turn prevents dryness and increases the natural shine and softness of your strands. Additionally, vitamin B5 nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. It can also regularise the oil production and prevent excessive greasiness or dryness. Lastly, vitamin B5 can contribute to thicker, fuller-looking hair by increasing the diameter of individual hair strands.

So, browse through a wide range of Opti Repair products and get your hands on more Matrix products to flaunt your beautiful hair with ease. You can also explore through a huge variety of damaged repair products to revive your hair on the go!