Matrix LightMaster

Matrix LightMaster

The light master is a powerful, high-speed lightener that creates a higher lift, even on scalp, and a maximum lift of up to 8 levels.


The Matrix LightMaster is a pre-lightener which lightens natural as well as artificial pigments in the hair when mixed with Matrix Developers .
The light master lightening powder is a multi-purpose or multi-technique lightening powder that lightens hair up to 7-8 levels. It comes with Light Boosting Active featuring ammonium persulfate. It is more soluble so it enables a faster release of oxygen to lighten at a quick, yet controlled pace, while perfectly balanced lightening helps avoid warm yellow under tones. The LightMaster can be used with all the 3 strengths of developers depending on the desired results and individual hair structure. Ideal product for all lightening activities from highlights to free hand coloring techniques.


The Matrix LightMaster is infused with conditioning Panthenol, which aids in moisture retention, and respects the hair fiber.

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