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Experiencing hair loss can be a life-altering experience. Thick, luscious, and voluminous hair is more than just looking beautiful, it also signifies good health, vitality, and youth. Hair fall, hair loss, and thinning hair is an extremely cause of concern all around the world, and there are hundreds of different hair loss treatments available to combat this problem. Before making a trip to the doctor for a hair growth treatment that could cause a dent in your pocket, try the Matrix Biolage Scalpsync Aminexil. The Scalpsync Aminexil is a clinically proven hair fall treatment that reduces hair loss by up to 5% in just 6 weeks. The Scalpsync Aminexil stimulates and nourishes the scalp and helps prolong the life of your hair after only 6 weeks. The formula of this complete hair fall solution also balances the scalp to leave your hair looking healthy and feeling clean.


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Scalpsync Aminexil

Clinically proven# to reduce hair loss up to 5% in just 6 weeks.


Specialist care formulated to take care of your hair post in-salon technical services.

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