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Is your hair crying out for help? Straightening, curling, colouring, blow drying, and so much more – you put your hair through a lot every day. To add to that, your diet and lifestyle habits also play a huge role in the health of your hair. If your hair is dry, damaged, brittle, or rough, it needs a helping hand. Give your hair a boost of nourishment and repair and restore your damaged hair with the right hair repair products like conditioners, hair serums, masks, oil, etc. The Matrix Biolage Advanced Repair Inside range of hair repair products are specially formulated to provide deep care and nourishment to severely damaged hair.

The Biolage Advanced Repair Inside range is enriched with Arginine and Soya Oil to provide a 360 degree action that repairs your hair from inside and outside. Use the Repair Inside shampoo to thoroughly cleanse your hair without stripping off your hair’s natural oils and moisture. The Repair Inside conditioner, hair mask, and leave in cream are created to smoothen your hair, protect it from heat, and provide deep repair of damaged hair.

Ammonia Free

The Matrix Wonders is a permanent ammonia free hair colour range that delivers even and true-to-tone color. With 4 options to choose from - Black, Brown, Reds, and Colors, the Matrix ammonia free hair color is available in more than 16 exciting shades.

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Matrix Wonder Color

Includes products for grey coverage, fashion coverage and high intensity reds.


Use the Matrix Cream Oxydant hair color developer for uniform color delivery of intense and long-lasting hair color. Available in 20, 30, and 40 volume, choose the right volume of Matrix developer to obtain the desired hair color.

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Matrix Oxydant

Hair color developers that help achieve the amount of lift or deposit required.


Rich, radiant, and long-lasting fashion hair colors suited for Indian skin tones. The Matrix fashion shades of hair color deliver vibrant color with nourishment and Keratin protection.


Designed to remove natural and artificial hair color, best used to create highlights, all over blonde or change previous artificial hair color depth and tone. Color is long-lasting (permanent), and leaves a line of demarcation.

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Matrix LightMaster

Powerful lightening with up to 8 levels of lift

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