Matrix Opti Black dazzling Shine Shampoo

Professional Shine Enhance Shampoo

Revive dark locks and give your dark coloured hair a dazzling mirror shine with the Matrix Opti Black Dazzling Shine Shampoo. The professional shampoo is formulated to give your hair a glossy shine and leave it feeling soft and smooth.


•  The Matrix shampoo protects the shine of dark hair for 24 washes

•  Trusted by professionals, the Matrix Opti Black shampoo gently cleanses your hair and adds a brilliant shine throughout the lengths of your hair

•  Enriched with antioxidant vitamin E, the shampoo for dark hair adds smoothness and silkiness to dull and lacklustre hair

•  The Matrix shampoo is suitable for dark coloured hair as well as naturally dark hair that lacks shine

How To Use

•  Step 1 – Wet hair thoroughly

•  Step 2 – Apply the Matrix Opti Black shampoo to wet hair and lather with a gentle massaging motion

•  Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly with water

•  Step 4 – Let your hair air-dry or you can blow dry for a perfect smooth finish

•  Expert Tip – While shampooing your hair, use the tips of all fingers to gently emulsify the shampoo on your scalp. Lather the shampoo through mid-lengths for a minute to get strong, moisturized, and healthy looking hair.

To add a mirror-like shine and intense smoothness to your hair, use Matrix Opti Black Dazzling Shine Shampoo along with the complete range of Matrix Opti Black conditioner, hair masque, booster dose, and serum. These Matrix hair care products will not only add immense shine to your hair and but will also leave it feeling silky and manageable.


Antioxidant vitamin E protects your hair from oxidative stress and free radicals that may cause the hair follicle cells to break down and result in excessive hair fall. Vitamin E also nourishes your hair and boosts its shine as it traps moisture in your hair follicle. Enriched with vitamin E, the Matrix hair treatment products make your hair shinier, silkier, and smoother.

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