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Get soft, smooth, silky, and manageable hair with a conditioner. Used after a shampoo, hair conditioners detangle and de-frizz your locks and replenish your hair’s moisture. It is a common misconception that people with oily hair do not need conditioners. The right kind of conditioner adds a bounce and shine to even the greasiest of hairs without weighing it down. And if your hair is coarse, dry, frizzy, and damaged, hair conditioners are a must-have product in your hair care routine.

Matrix conditioners nourish and moisturize all different hair types and leave with your hair that looks healthy and feels fresh. Biolage and Biolage Advanced conditioners have everything, from a scalp-friendly anti-dandruff conditioner that tames the hair while also soothing the scalp to deep conditioners that repair severely damaged hair. Whether your hair is chemically straightened in a salon or you have long hair that needs some extra tender love and care, the Opti range of hair conditioners detangle and moisturize your hair to give you strong, frizz-free, and soft hair that has a dazzling shine. Matrix conditioners not only protect your hair strands from the outside but also fortify your hair strands from within to deliver complete nourishment from within.


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Fiberstrong Strengthening Conditioner

An anti-hair fall conditioner that helps detangle and reinforce strength.

RepairInside Repairing Conditioner

A conditioner with a rich formula that guarantees deep repair of damaged hair.

Scalppure Complete Solution Conditioner

This complete solution conditioner is a multi-correcting conditioner for all types of scalp as well as hair.

Smoothproof Smoothing Conditioner

Paraben-free conditioner that conditions and tames unruly,frizzy hair.


Biolage ULTRA HYDRASOURCE Conditioner for very dry hair helps optimize moisture balance

Colorlast Color-Protecting Conditioner

Moisturizes to prolong color's vibrant bloom while leaving hair soft.


Specialist care formulated to take care of your hair post in-salon technical services.

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Professional Ultra Smoothing Conditioner

Detangles as it moisturizes for smoothness and shine for frizz-free hair.

Professional Nourishing Conditioner

Detangles, nourishes and strengthens for smooth, silky hair

Opti Repair Professional Conditioner

Opti Repair conditioner prevents future damage & repairs hair from chemical damage.

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