Unmanageable Long Hair

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Long hair, don’t care is not entirely true. If you have long hair, it is important to establish a long hair care routine to take care of your locks. By using the best products for long hair, you can prevent it from getting damaged. Say goodbye to long hair problems like split ends, dry, damaged, brittle, and unmanageable hair with Matrix Opti.Long Nourish Protect products for long hair. Infused with ceramide, the OptiLong Nourish Protect range strengthens the hair shaft by improving your hair’s elasticity and moisture retention.

The OptiLong Professional Nourishing Shampoo removes dirt and oil build up while nourishing your long hair. The Professional Nourishing Conditioner and Hair Masque helps detangle, nourish, strengthen, and protect hair across its length to give you smooth, silky, and manageable hair. Use the Professional Nourishing Leave In Cream and Nourishing Booster Dose to strengthen your hair, repair split end damage, and give your long hair a smoother finish.


Specialist care formulated to take care of your hair post in-salon technical services.

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Professional Nourishing Shampoo

Removes excessive oil build-up and helps nourish hair

Professional Nourishing Conditioner

Detangles, nourishes and strengthens for smooth, silky hair

Professional Nourishing Masque

Helps nourish, strengthen and protect hair across its length

Professional Nourishing Leave-in

Protects hair from split-end damage and helps to give a smoother finish

Professional Nourishing Booster Dose

Professional Ceramide treatment that helps nourish and strengthen hair.

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