Matrix Opti Repair Liquid Protein Shampoo

Opti Repair Professional Shampoo

Opti Repair shampoo infused with Liquid Proteins, helps repair, balance & strengthen hair. It reduces breakage & frizz in dry, brittle, and damaged hair.


1 Repairs dry, damaged & brittle hair 

2 Infused with liquid proteins 

3 Cleanses to remove build up 

4 Controls frizz & smooths cuticle 

5 Can be used on all hair types

How To Use

• Step 1 – Wet your hair thoroughly

• Step 2 – Squirt a small amount of Opti Repair shampoo into the palm of your hand. Apply to your scalp and wet hair. Lather with a gentle massaging motion

• Step 3 – Rinse thoroughly with water

• Step 4 – Follow with Opti Repair professional conditioner


Liquid Protein

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