Matrix Style Link Super Fixer Strong Hold Gel

Super Fixer Strong Hold Gel

After spending hours on perfecting a hairstyle, it can be quite disappointing when it doesn’t stay in place for too long. With the Matrix Super Fixer Strong Hold Gel, you can now set your hairstyle in place without making your hair crunchy. This hair gel provides maximum hold and adds structure and shine to your hair. This hair gel for women is a curly girl approved product, that does wonders while styling curly hair. The strong hold of the gel holds your curls in place without making your hair feel stiff. This strong hold gel is also a great hair gel for men.


•  This Matrix hair gel gives your hair added structure with shine.

•  If you follow the curly girl method, this Matrix hair gel will set your curls in place. It will help them hold their shape and structure without making your hair stiff or crunchy.

•  This styling gel has an extra strong hold and will make your hairstyle stay in place all day. It has a very clean application and can be rinsed out easily.

How To Use

•  Squirt out a coin sized amount of the hair gel on your palm.

•  Rub it between your palms to slightly warm up the product.

•  Apply this Matrix hair gel on the shafts of your hair.

•  If you want a wet look, apply the product to damp hair. Apply the product on dry hair for maximum hold.

For a complete hair styling solution, pair the Matrix styling products with other products from the Matrix StyleLink range. This range consists of a wide set of products like a setting spray, mousse, gel, heat protectants, clay and others that will elevate your hairstyling game!

Hold Level Extra Strong Hold

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