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Chemical treatments at the salon are a great way to keep your hair feeling smooth and straight for a long time. But what about hair care after smoothening your hair at the salon? The right kind of after hair smoothening care tips and products are what will make or break your freshly treated hair. It is extremely important to take care of your smoothened hair the right way to hold on to the silky smoothness for as long as you can.

The Matrix OptiCare Smooth Straight is a specially formulated range of professional ultra smoothing products that are infused with shea butter to take care of your hair post in-salon technical services. The Smooth Straight Professional Ultra Smoothing shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask, professional split end serum, and professional intense smoothing booster dose work together to cleanse, condition, nourish, and protect dry, coarse, or chemically straightened hair.


Specialist care formulated to take care of your hair post in-salon technical services.

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Matrix opticare smooth straight shampoo

Softens texture, tames frizz and adds manageability to leave hair silky smooth.

Professional Ultra Smoothing Conditioner

Detangles as it moisturizes for smoothness and shine for frizz-free hair.

Professional Ultra Smoothing Hair Masque

Professional conditioning for very dry, coarse or chemically straightened hair.

Professional Split End Serum

Regular use helps repair frayed tips and protect from split ends.

Professional Intense Smoothing Booster Dose

Professional ceramide treatment for straightened or smoothened hair.

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